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Welcome to the famous Swingers Clubs Parties in USA, the Swingers Club of Kate and David.
We arrange swingers parties for top class swinging couples and singles, in all corners of the country on Thursday and Friday nights.
Swinging Couples and Singles who want to join these swinger parties, meet us before the party , in order to ensure the high level of all the party participants.
These swingers parties are for enjoyment only. In order to make fantasies come true, to explore your sexuality and to have fun.
These swinging couples parties have much to offer with or without clothes. Join them with positive attitude. Some humor won't hurt either...

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Swingers Clubs members
Swingers Clubs members

Join our Swinging Couples Club at Adult FriendFinder Swingers site

Women and men should accept the sexual act. Every member of our Swingers Club and every participant of our Swingers Parties is having fun only with the one that she or he has chosen.
Using condoms on our Swingers sex parties is a must and you can find lots of them all over the place.
In our Swinger Parties, your fantasies will come true, the reality will be changed by fantasy and all of these with lots of new excitement and lots of love...

In order to illustrate to you the special atmosphere of these nights, we've asked a few swinging couples who have participated in these swingers clubs parties to write down their swinger experiences. They have done so with pleasure:

"When I came to this swingers clubs party, I didn't know where I was going... A good friend of mine (from work) recommended me to go to this special party and I (A very curious person) accepted it immediately. And you know what?... It was the biggest surprise of my entire life. It's hard to explain the amazing atmosphere and love that exists in this place. From my point of view, it's just like taking part in an erotic and very exciting movie. There are top class people over there, they are good looking, and most important they are very discreet. It was terrific, a satisfaction for healthy body and healthy mind, making fantasies become true, without limits and only with the people I choose and how much I choose. Everything depends on my desire (and my ability...) If I'm not interested, I indicate 'No'. In these parties 'No' is definitely 'Not!'. It's an amazing adventure which makes me feel great all over the week. Maybe it sounds strange, but it also gave me a different (and better) point of view about life. Every time I participate these adult parties I feel an excitement like I'm doing it for the very first time. Try it, this is the only way to really understand. You won't regret it, that's for sure!" ( Swinging Alexandra )
"We are a married swinging couple (30/35) who had many experiences in our lives, and these swingers parties seemed to us like another good experience. At that time I didn't know that these swingers parties will become the cherry on the whipped cream of our lives. What can I say?... Loss of senses, fantasy which comes true, the very first swinging. A fantasy that we have always dreamed of and at these swingers clubs parties it's all in our hands. And the day after... how sweet it was. Conversations to share experiences. A real pleasure of great memories."(Sandra and John)
"We are a swinging couple (friends for four years). We are almost 30 years old. We've heard about these swinging couples parties from friends who were very excited about them. After some hesitation we decided to give it a chance. We met Arik and An before the party and their promises caused us lot of expectations. When we came to the party, our tension was high, but when we saw and talked to the rest of the swinging couples in the Vila - it made us calm down. The sexual atmosphere was just clear and after a few small glasses of wine and some talks with some other couples we entered the dressing room in order to change. A satin gown for me and towels for the men. We started to feel much more free and cool. At the beginning, we entered (some other cute couple and us) the Private room. We did massages to each other and later we really did swinging! Being a part of the scene (I didn't believe I could do it...) was really amazing and cool, we managed to have new peaks. When the swinging couples party was over, it just started for the both of us... and we understood that the sex doesn't have to be banal and routine, but it may take you to great unknown new peaks every time you do it. I must also mention that due to these adult parties, the sex life of my boyfriend and mine have just been improved and the frequency became stronger."(Jessica and Michael)

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The Rules of our Swinging Couples Club